Mojo Jojo's Surprise: Powerpuff Girls x Nike SB Dunk Low Pack

Nostalgia Meets Sneaker Chic in this Cartoon Network Collaboration

Matt Rogo

Matt Rogo

Mojo Jojo's Surprise: Powerpuff Girls x Nike SB Dunk Low Pack

The Powerpuff Girls Sneaker Extravaganza

Exciting sneaker news is sweeping across the internet, stirring up waves of nostalgia and childlike glee. Reports from sneaker insiders, notably @dadeasskickz on Instagram, hint at an upcoming collaboration between Nike SB and Cartoon Network. While neither Nike nor Cartoon Network has made an official statement, the anticipation is building, and fans of both Nike and the Powerpuff Girls are buzzing with excitement.

The Trio of Colorways: Pink, Blue, and Green

Rumor has it that this collaboration will take the form of a trio pack, with each colorway representing one of the beloved Powerpuff Girls. Pink for Blossom, blue for Bubbles, and green for Buttercup – a delightful homage to the heroic trio.

Mojo Jojo's Mysterious Absence

But wait, where's Mojo Jojo in all of this? Every hero needs a villain, right? So far, the Powerpuff Girls seem to be the sole focus of this exciting collaboration. However, whispers in the sneaker world, particularly from on Instagram, suggest there might be more to this story.

Mojo Jojo's Colorway Unveiled

Fresh rumors suggest that this collaboration won't just feature three sneakers; it might also include a colorway paying tribute to the notorious Mojo Jojo himself. The sneak peek at this intriguing color scheme reveals a design inspired by Mojo Jojo's distinctive colors.

A Color Palette Fit for a Villain

Purple dominates the outsole, heel counter, and panelling, mimicking the underside of Mojo Jojo's cape and the purple accents on his helmet. The white of his gloves finds its place on the midsole, the Nike SB Swoosh, and the sneaker laces.

The Bright Green Menace

The tongue, toe box, and under-panelling of the sneakers match Mojo Jojo's bright green skin tone, accented with vivid blue panelling. The overall effect is a color palette that screams Mojo Jojo, albeit with a hint of Buzz Lightyear's vibrancy.

Release Date and Price Speculations

While the precise release date remains a mystery, sneaker enthusiasts suspect that this trio (or quartet?) of sneakers will make their debut during the holiday season of 2023. This timing aligns perfectly with the reboot of the Powerpuff Girls series, announced by its creator, Craig McCracken, last year.

As for the cost and sizing details, the sneaker world is in suspense, eagerly awaiting more information. Once these sneakers hit the market, fans and sneakerheads can likely find them at their favorite Nike SB-affiliated skate shops or conveniently online through

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