Highly Anticipated Supreme x MF DOOM

A Fusion of Streetwear Legends

Matt Rogo

Matt Rogo

Highly Anticipated Supreme x MF DOOM

A Tale of Two Icons

MF DOOM, born Daniel Dumile in 1971, rose from the streets of Long Island, New York, to become a legendary figure in the world of hip-hop. His journey began with the graffiti crew KMD, which later transformed into a rap trio known as KMD. Their debut album, "Mr. Hood," released in 1991, garnered critical acclaim, setting the stage for the young artist's career.

However, tragedy struck in 1993 when Dingilizwe, Daniel's younger brother and a member of KMD, was tragically killed. Their sophomore album, "Black Bastards," was shelved by their record label, and Daniel vanished from the public eye.

The Resurrection of MF DOOM

Years later, MF DOOM reemerged at the Nuyorican Poets' Cafe in Manhattan, donning a stocking mask that would become his iconic look. In 1997, he released "Dead Bent," his first single as MF DOOM, a moniker inspired by the Marvel comic book villain Doctor Victor von Doom and his family name's pronunciation, "DOOM-E-LAY." His debut solo album, "Operation: Doomsday," dropped in 1999, marking the rebirth of an enigmatic lyrical genius.

Over the next decade, MF DOOM, sporting various pseudonyms like Viktor Vaughn and King Geedorah, released six full-length albums. His 2004 collaboration with Madlib, "Madvillainy," remains a cult classic in underground hip-hop, showcasing DOOM's unparalleled lyricism.

A Legacy Lives On

MF DOOM's unexpected passing on October 31, 2020, shook the world of music. His extensive body of work, both solo and collaborative, left an indelible mark on generations of artists. Today, he is celebrated for his profound influence on the rap genre.

Supreme x MF DOOM: A Collab for the Ages

In Fall 2023, Supreme, the iconic skate brand, teamed up with MF DOOM's estate to create a collection that pays homage to the rap legend. The collection includes a Hooded Sweatshirt, T-Shirt, and Beanie, all featuring DOOM's distinctive visage.

Supreme's Resurgence

Is Supreme making a comeback? While it's too early to declare, the Fall/Winter 2023 collection suggests promising signs. Supreme's collaboration with MF DOOM's estate has generated significant buzz in the streetwear scene.

The collaboration was officially confirmed by Supreme on September 5, just days before the MF DOOM capsule's release on September 7. The collection comprises shirts, hats, and pants adorned with DOOM's image, including beanies featuring the graffiti-style MF DOOM eyeball logo. Notably, a hoodie showcases a photograph of DOOM's iconic mask.

Two Icons Converge

The Supreme x MF DOOM collaboration is a monumental moment in streetwear. It unites the world's largest streetwear brand with one of rap's most influential figures. This cultural convergence adds depth and significance to the partnership, making it more than just another Supreme collaboration.

The MF DOOM Nike Dunks, released 16 years ago, remain highly sought after, highlighting the enduring appeal of all things DOOM-related.

The Fan Reaction

Excitement around this collaboration is palpable, evident in the reactions from fans on social media and leak-focused pages. The buzz generated could potentially translate into increased sales for Supreme.

Supreme's Strong Start

Supreme's Fall/Winter 2023 collection has enjoyed a strong start, featuring a new Korean store, remarkable accessories, and a campaign starring the founder of the up-and-coming brand Corteiz. Despite the departure of creative director Tremaine Emory, the current collection maintains its signature allure.

A New Era for Supreme

Supreme's collaboration with MF DOOM signals a new era for the brand, one that caters to both the contemporary and the nostalgic. While the verdict is still out on whether Supreme is truly making a comeback, this collaboration is undeniably a remarkable moment in streetwear history.