The Season of Supreme Is Back

A Look Into The Week 1 Preview

Matt Rogo

Matt Rogo

The Season of Supreme Is Back

That Time of Year

You know what time it is; Supreme is back with a Week 1 Preview full of some much anticipated, shirts, accessories, and more. Let's take a look at what we can expect, and determine whether they are a cop or drop:


This seems to be a pre-release fan favorite. Coming in at a retail of $54, if there is anything that is a cop on this list, it's this. Nothing too fancy, just a pasted photo of Youngboy which fans will no doubt scoop up during this collab.


Who doesn't want a nice acrylic table lamp with printed logos on 'em for their desks? At a retail of $98, this is no cheap purchase. However, if you are willing enough to put up the money, it can can make your life, and you room, a little bit brighter.

Free Cinnamon Toothpicks


No need to pull out the credit card for these, because this is a free, good tasting but non edible, gift for random orders. So you may have copped a brick, but you may get a pick. Those were some bars right there.

Chopstick Set


A set of porcelain logo chopsticks to go with a delicious meal. The meal is not included unfortunately, but in would be smart to order one to give these things a test run. These will run you up $48.

Supreme Soto Pocket Torch


You never know when you'll need a pocket torch. Sneak attackers. Cooking some food. Many probable use cases. Coming in at $44, this is a wind-resistant burner, containing no butane gas, with a refillable lighter included.